Viscose, Why?

Viscose, Why?

viscoseViscose is part of the rayon family of fabrics, all of which are made from cellulose. Viscose is a low-cost fabric and has many of the desirable qualities of more luxurious fabrics. A lot of furniture designers are using this fabric on Ottomans, Chairs, Lounges and Rugs. In combination a lot of Interior Designers are selecting furniture that uses this fabric because of its luxurious look and feel. And yes @gjasset we also like the look of this fabric, however in terms of maintenance and from a cleaning perspective we say, Why?

What is Viscose

Viscose is a semi-synthetic material made from a cellulose fiber. It has a shiny look and a silky feel that’s softer than cotton. Viscose is actually a type of rayon, even though “viscose”,”viscose rayon,” and “rayon” are often used interchangeably. What started as “artificial silk” in the late 19th century became known as rayon in 1924, with the name “viscose” coming from “a viscous organic liquid used to make both rayon and cellophane.” The first true commercial synthetic fiber wasn’t patented until 1884, and finally manufactured in 1889. It did not do well in the marketplace and was removed quickly as it was extremely flammable.

Why Use It

Viscose is a semi-synthetic material made from a cellulose fiber. It has a shiny look and a silky feel that’s softer than cotton and as mentioned above has that luxurious look.

Why We Are Not A Fan

Its beautiful look carries some pretty big downsides: the pure material is quite delicate in the wash, prone to shrinking, fading, wrinkling and bleeding if not properly cared for. Viscose absorbs moisture – body oils and water.  This can discolor and weaken the fabric and result in marking.  That’s why you’ll often find viscose blends. By combining the fabric with linen, cotton and/or polyester, your viscose ottoman gains the stronger qualities of those more durable fabrics without losing its luster and softness. Consequently, many fabrics with a high viscose content are classified “dry clean only”.  Spot cleaning is problematic and can result in water marking.

What You Can Do

@gjasset we are an authorized Microseal Applicator. #Microseal is a world recognized fabric protection that has been used in the aviation industry for years. We strongly recommend that when you next buy furniture, or your designer suggests a furniture piece check the Viscose content and if there is any Viscose keep the care instruction label, advise our technician before they start to clean it, and if its brand new please get it Microsealed straight away as cleaning it after a spill when it hasn’t been Microsealed could be costly. To find out more about microseal or any of our other services call 07 3208 5160 or visit our facebook page.

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